The purpose of the application was to educate peers, family members, and others who are close to service-members about the daily challenges of living with mild traumatic brain injuries (mTBIs). The application concept employs game technology to challenge the target audience to navigate in a difficult world while suffering from mTBI symptoms that affect their ability to see, hear, react, and move. The players of this application incur mTBIs from a head injury early on in the game’s introduction scene.

The overall game scenario is a colorful fictional world set during a stylized representation of the Hellenic Period. The characters are bipedal, anthropomorphic animals based on the specific mascots for each branch of the military.

My job was to design roman themed versions of the military mascots. Each to be playable characters in the game. I also had to design track pieces, which were to be endlessly generated in a random fashion. However the game never reached its full potential since funding was pulled half was through development. 

  • Designed Hero Characters.
  • Created Track Assets.